Triglycerides lowering Smoothie

3 min readSep 20, 2021

In my last screening at Walmart Pharmacy, I was pleasantly suprised to find that my Triglycerides are down to 80 mg/dl. Only change I had done was over last couple of months, I had started drinking this home made smoothie for breakfast in order to increase my consumption of fruits and veggies. Two months back my Triglycerides were 166 mg/dl.

Those of you who do not know, Walmart Pharmacy offers a simple lipid test panel for 19.99$ which tests for total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Triglycerides. It is a convenient way to get lipid tests done. Check with your local Walmart Pharmacy as I am not sure if Walmart Pharmacy offers this service in all states.

For years, my new year’s resolution has been to eat more greens. Years came and went away but nothing really happened. Finally, after reading a lot of stuff on the internet I felt making smoothie is the best way to consume greens for me. I wanted to consume more greens for managing blood sugar and blood pressure.

For the last couple of months, I have been making smoothie two to three times a week.

Beets and Greens have Nitrates in them and these are converted to Nitrites and then to Nitric Oxide that dilates blood vessels lowering blood pressure. The guys who figured this out went to win Noble prize. (

I use Ninja BL770 blender which comes with a 72 oz blending jar and 1500 watts motor. But really any blender will work. I like this one because it is very easy to clean.

I have another hand blender which is my favorite and if I just have to make smoothie for myself I just use this one. However, its blending jar is good for storing extra smoothie for the next day. Again I like this one because it is extremely easy to clean.

This recipe assumes to make a full 72 oz jar of smoothie. It is really easy and you can’t probably mess it up. You can easily change various ingredients and their quantities and still have a good healthy smoothie to drink.

For liquid base, I just typically use water. I use a 12 oz glass/cup as a measure. Two to three cups of liquid base either water or soy milk or a mixture of two in any proportion works.