Book Review: How Not To Age (Part 1)

7 min readFeb 3, 2024

I greatly enjoyed reading Dr Michael Greger’s book How Not To Age. It felt like the Bible for healthy ageing. Doctor Greger is proponent of Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet which heavily emphasizes consumption of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices , Tea and Coffee.

I am great fan of Dr Michael Greger’s website where he has more than 2000 videos on healthy eating based on the latest nutrition research. A typical video is short form around 5 minutes in length and allows viewer to absorb the information in byte size chunks.

But byte size chunks of information go only so far. Sometimes you need the deep dive and need overarching perspective along with nitty-gritty, and this book fills that role.

This is Dr Michael Greger’s third book. First one was ‘How Not To Die’, a Newyork Times bestseller on how bad eating habits are cause of top 15 killer diseases in USA and how to prevent them from getting to you. This book is available for free on Prime Reading, a free benefit to Amazon Prime subscribers. If you were to read only one book in life about Nutrition, you can’t go wrong with this one!

The second book ‘How Not to Diet’ is also about healthy eating. I have not read this one. Dr Greger does not have any overlapping material in his books. So if weight loss is your main concern, you should check this book out.

Coming back to ‘How Not To Age’, it is a 600 pages books with lots of nitty gritty about how you can level up your…